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Hedge Nursery is the exclusive grower of RHS endorsed hedging plants, so we always know the seed's provenance.

Our hedges are grown by expert Nurserymen, ensuring the best quality of specimens, excellent foliage and resistance to UK climates.

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Down in Herefordshire on the edge of the Malvern Hills, across hundreds of acres of outstanding countryside, you’ll find us hard at work growing the toughest and healthiest plants in the UK. 

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Every seed we plant is traceable, and comes from the best possible source for the best possible plants. A good seed deserves good soil, and ours is as  nutritious as it gets - and we’ve got over 220 acres of the stuff! 

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We’ve been working hard for years, planting 100,000 seedlings every day and supplying the strongest hedges to every corner of the UK. How do we do it? Now’s your chance to find out. 

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 Solar power, green composts, and no nasty chemicals. At every step of the journey, we make sure that what we do doesn’t harm our environment or the local wildlife.

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