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Hedge 12 Month Guarantee

We have complete confidence in the quality and resilience of our plants, which is why we offer a 12-month standard guarantee free of charge.

Here’s how it works

You may lose up to 10% of your plants naturally within the first year of planting; however, you can significantly reduce the risk of this happening by following our Planting Guidelines or visiting our Plant Protection & Watering page. In the unlikely event that you lose more than 10% of the plants that you have purchased from Hedge Nursery, simply contact our customer service team and we’ll provide you with credit to cover your losses.

You will be asked to provide pictures of the plants that you have lost, so be sure to follow these simple steps before you get in touch. Your plants may be healthier than you think!

  • Step 1. Inspect your plants
  • It may sound obvious, but it’s important to take a close look at your plants in order to determine their overall health. If your plant has healthy branches covered in new leaves it is likely to still be alive.

  • Step 2. Bend some branches
  • Bend one of the plant’s smaller branches. If it snaps quickly without arching if may be dead. If multiple branches snap easily, your plant could be dying.

  • Step 3. The scratch test
  • Scratch off some of the dry outer layer of the bark. If the inside layer is green, your plant is still alive. If it is dry and brown, your plant may be dead. Your guarantee will begin 12 months from the date of purchase. Click Here to complete a customer service form and receive your 12 month guarantee today.