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Empathy RootGrow Professional Mycorrhizal Fungi 2.5L

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Rootgrow Professional 2500L contains mycorrhizal fungi which help to ensure a far greater chance of survival and aids strong root development. The fungi naturally increase nutrient and water uptake by forming a highly efficient secondary root system, supporting the plant/tree for its entire lifetime and reducing its mortality rate. One Application will support a plant for its entire lifetime!

Empathy RootGrow Professional Mycorrhizal Fungi 2.5L
Empathy RootGrow Professional Mycorrhizal Fungi 2.5L Empathy RootGrow Professional Mycorrhizal Fungi 2.5L Empathy RootGrow Professional Mycorrhizal Fungi 2.5L Rootgrow (Gel) What is mycorrhizal fungi

Mycorrhizal Fungi

Rootgrow 2500L contains mycorrhizal fungi which naturally increase nutrient and water uptake, supporting the plant for its entire lifetime. By applying rootgrow, your plant is likely to have a far greater chance of survival and a strong root system. The fungi are completely natural and plant friendly, creating a highly efficient secondary root system within as little as four weeks time. The sachet of dipping gel powder, when mixed together with water and mycorrhizal granules, will form a perfect dipping solution that ensures maximum coverage of the mycorrhizal fungi on the roots of the treated plants.

This tub contains mycorrhizal fungi packaged in large pack sizes for professional users or when larger planting projects are undertaken. All tubs contain sachets of gel powder for use on bare-root plants and a handy 25ml measuring scoop. There is enough to treat 250 x 2L pots or 275-825 bare root whips in one container.

Benefits of using rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi:

  • • Superior water and nutrient uptake 
  • • Plants need less synthetic fertiliser and survive better in dry conditions
  • • Added resilience in overcoming replant problems

How to use & Application Rates

Dry Granule Application

1. Sprinkle the granules evenly, directly into the prepared planting hole or pit

2. Place the plant directly onto the granules so that the rootzone comes into contact with the granules.

Gel-Solution Application

1. Take a large bucket and fill with 8-12 litres of water.

2. Sprinkle the contents of the gel powder sachet into the water and stir well.

3. Leave for 5 minutes then add the dry rootgrow granules and stir well.  The granules should be suspended evenly through the thick liquid (a wallpaper paste consistency).

4. Dip the plant roots into the solution ensuring even coverage.  Lift the plants out and allow excess to drain back into the bucket and plant immediately.

Mixed gel must be used within 2 days.

Please see below approximate application guide: simply multiply the recommended inoculation volume by the number of plants that need dipping to work out the volume of gel required.

Root Grow Professional Granule 2.5 Kg


Size range cm

Number of plants
in design

Volume of rootgrow™ required (kg)

Bare root whip or vines
height (cm)

Vines and whips < 30


2.5 Kg

30 - 60


2.5 Kg

60 - 90


2.5 Kg

90 - 120


2.5 Kg

120 - 150


2.5 Kg

150 - 180


2.5 Kg


Rootgrow can be used in conjunction with slow-release natural fertilisers, and the fungi will be unaffected by most commercially available fungicides (although these should be avoided in the first four weeks). Store in a cool, dry place and keep away from children and pets. Do not inhale duse. Can be used up to one year after opening if stored correctly.

Once the mixture has been created, use within 3 days.

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