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Hedge Type Advice

Hedges are a great way to provide privacy or define borders and have many other great uses. We want to make sure that you get the right hedge for you so please use our hedging advice to ensure you make the right choice.

Below you'll find a list of the most FAQ's for people looking at hedging, but if there's anything else you need then feel free to get in touch.

Hedges for Alkaline Soils

Soils that have large quantities of lime are generally alkaline, which can result in poor hedge growth. A simple soil pH test will determine the alkaline levels in your soil. Above pH 7 soil is considered Alkaline. 

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Hedges for Acidic Soils

Soils that are deficient in lime are generally acidic which can result in poor hedge growth as it restricts the root access of plants to important water and nutrients. A simple soil pH test will determine the acid levels in your soil. 

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Coastal Hedging

Coastal areas suffer from salty and sometimes strong winds, there are several species in particular that are resilient to, or even thrive in, these environments. Hardier plants are better in these environments. 

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Hedges for Wet Locations

Your hedge may fail if the site becomes waterlogged and the plant is deprived of air. If there is a chance of this, consider plants that love wet places. Our top recommendations are found within! 

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Hedging for Polluted Urban Areas

If the hedge is going to be planted next to a main road and/or in an urban area, you may wish to consider our hardy pollution surviving hedges consider some our favourite urban ready hedges found within.

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Hedges for Exposed Sites & Wind

The wind can make your garden seem cold, and it can also remove moisture from your garden and slow plant growth. Generally, the wider, taller and deeper any protective screen is, the more protection it will give your garden from the wind. 

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Noise Reducing Hedges

Maximise the density of the buffer by planting plants close together. If it is a hedge, plant staggered double rows rather than a single row. Use 7 plants per metre rather than the staple 5. You can even plant three rows if needed.

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Intruder Proof Hedges

To keep intruders out, you may need a dense, difficult to breach hedge with thorns. Burglars will avoid barriers which slow entry and escape, they know that a small item of ripped clothing or blood on your hedge can help the police identify them. 

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Hedges for Bees & Butterflies

Wildlife is a great way to add activity and excitement to your garden. Summer bees and butterflies are attracted to nectar rich flowers. We have a large range of hedging plants as well as trees ideal for attracting bees and butterflies.  

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Hedges for Birds

Fruits and flowers provide colour, and the wildlife will love them – If you want to feed them, whilst adding colour to your garden. We'll cover which of our favourite hedges are similarly favoured by our feathered friends.

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Formal Boundary Hedges

Boundary hedges need to be dense to help keep things in and/or out. Formal hedges tend to be of non-flowering plants with very dense growth. Generally, they will be of one species and should be similarly matched in growth if mixed. 

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Hedges with Fantastic Leaves

When looking for attractive plants, most people will think of a flowering tree or shrub, however, we shouldn’t forget that there are many varieties with beautiful foliage and leaves which can add a very different and striking interest to your garden.  

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Hedges as a Backdrop

Dark hedges create a very impressive backdrop to a bright flower border. They can also help create a micro-climate, protecting your plants and filtering the wind. Our favourite backdrop hedges are found within! 

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Colourful Hedges

Hedges don’t just have to be a constant green. Add some colour to your garden with these colourful hedges. We've included a short list of our favourites; bright colours and beautiful hedges are the aim of the game. 

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Attractive Barks & Stems

Here are a few of our favourite plants which offer unusual and attractive bark and/or stems. Oft overlooked a beautiful bark and stem colour can add a lot to the appearance of a hedge, especially whilst younger. 

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Fragrant Hedges

A variety of hedges with fragrant foliage and flowers to create a beautifully scented garden. Flowering periods ranging from March to September, helping to maintain a vibrant garden throughout the year. 

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