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Q. How tall will my plants be?

A. As a rough guide tree height can be worked out from the girth (which is measured in cm, 1 metre up from the base of the stem). A tree that has a girth of 6-8cm would be between 2.5 and 3.0 meters tall, whereas a girth of 12-14cm would be between 3.5-4.25 meters tall.


Q. Do I have to be there for delivery?

A. Ideally yes, because of the nature of the ordered items, there will need to be a couple of people present at the time of delivery to assist with the unloading and positioning of the trees. However, for smaller trees and items the courier is authorised to leave the plants in a safe place i.e. a front porch or around the side of a building, without a signature.


Q. How long can I leave them out of the ground?

A. Once the plants have been received they should be planted as soon as possible, ideally within 3 days maximum of receiving the plants. If you are unable to plant within this period then a short-term measure would be to store the bare root plants in a cool, dry location where the temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius, such as a garage. For longer term storage, we recommend heeling-in your plants.


Q. When shouldn't I plant trees?

A. Bare root plants should not be planted in the summer; you should not be able to purchase bare rooted stock between May and October. In the winter, the planting is at the mercy of the weather, if the ground is frozen or water logged then do not plant.


Q. Can I visit the nursery?

A. At this moment in time we are unable to accommodate visitors on a large scale, however, if you are looking to place a large order call our customer service team and we will try to organise a guided tour.


Q. Which Tree should I pick?

A. This is entirely down to personal preference and the conditions in which the tree is to be planted.


Q. My soil is wet/dry/clay/acidic, what tree is best?

A. We have taken the time to put together lists of trees that can survive in a number of soil conditions, please browse through them in order to make your choice.


Q. What is the best time of year to purchase?

A. We send out our bare root plants from November through to April, however, it is possible to pre order at any time of the year. This secures the stock for you and will be dispatched as soon as the trees are ready to lift.


Q. Can I get a discount?

A. We have tried to price the trees as competitively as possible, and offer discount bulk buys. Please see our tiered pricing listed on our website.


Q. Why is the from price so low compared to the price for one?

A. This is because it is easier to go and pick up 4 trees from one batch than collecting 1 tree for 4 different batches.


Q. Where do I start?

A. Have a look at our tree packs, these are ready made packs designed to be used in a specific situation.


Q. What guarantee do you offer?

A. By law, there is no need to offer a warranty on plants, but we want to offer you peace of mind when buying your trees. So, if for some reason your tree(s) fail within the first year of purchase, and you have followed the planting information provided and have not had a hose pipe ban in your area, then we will replace it at the first possible opportunity, all you will have to pay is the delivery charge. This replacement, however, would not be covered by the guarantee.

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