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At Hedge Nursery, we are proud to offer a fantastic range of cost-effective RHS Endorsed hedging plants. Throughout our years of trading, we have built and sustained strong relationships with growers in the UK including one of the biggest general transplants nurseries growing 1.7 million two-year-transplants and a quarter of a million three-year-old transplants.This allows us to provide you with high-quality plants at wholesale prices with the guarantee from the RHS.

Reasons to Buy From Us

Our bare root plants are grown from seeds with known provenance, grown directly in the ground without added heat, peat, pots or polytunnels, making them hardy as nature intended. 

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A Quick Guide to Bare Root Plants

Our plants are usually measured by height – ’30/40cm’ means a plant is between 30cm and 40cm high measured from soil level to the top of the plant – the roots are not included in the measurement. 

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A Quick Guide to Privacy & Screening

You may want a hedge or tree which offers a bit of privacy, to hide something from your view. If so you may wish to consider one of our denser hedges. We'll be covering our recommendations on which hedges are best for privacy concerns. 

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Knowing Your Soil Type

Knowing which type of soil you are going to plant into will make a big difference to your choice of plants. Knowing your soil type will help you choose which plants will thrive in your garden and have the best chance of survival. 

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Choosing a Hedge Size

Generally speaking, buying smaller plants enables you to grow a denser hedge from ground level. In addition, the survival rates of smaller plants are generally better than those of larger plants. 

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Taking Your Bare Root Plants Abroad

If you are taking our plants across EU borders for trading purposes, you will need our Bare Root plant EC Plant Passport UK/EW12896 ZPb2 conf RP. Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands are Fire Blight free areas. 

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Rural and Native Hedges & Conversation

Planting a rural, native and/or conservation hedge helps you to do your bit in supporting the local environment. Your hedge will blend in with local hedges, maintain a strong line of native plants and support local wildlife by providing food and habitat. 

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Got a question? Check here first to see if it's in our list of frequently asked questions. Includes questions such as: How tall will my plant be? Do I have to be there for delivery? How long can I leave them out of the ground? When shouldn't I plant Trees? 

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