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Benefits of RHS Endorsed Plants

The Royal Horticultural Society is the world's leading gardening charity, with 400,000 members and over 200 years of expertise. We are the only nursery in the UK that grows RHS endorsed bare root - but what does this actually mean? 

Freshly Picked

Lifted to order and dispatches from the field for next day delivery. We pick our plants to order and dispatch from the field on a next day service to ensure that they arrive with our customers the freshest they can possibly be.

Quality Assured

Inspected by the RHS. Samples from all of our Bare Root varieties have been sent to expert growers within the RHS and have been rigorously inspected for quality.

UK Grown

Seeds of known providence. All our Bare Root plants are UK grown with the seed being from known provenance. This means we can trace the history of our plants back to their Origin.

1 Year Warranty

12 month warranty period. We realise that within the first year, your Bare Root hedging plant may fail from having been transplanted. For this reason, we offer a 12-month warranty on all RHS Bare Root Hedging Plants.

Hand Graded

Our picking team carefully select the best plants from our stock and grade them by hand, accurately measuring them to ensure the quality and height criteria are fulfilled.

Green Credentials

Our water is harvested from a spring during the winter and stored in large tanks. Summertime watering is provided from our vast storage tanks that hold water harvested from our onsite spring during the winter months.

Herefordshire Soil

All of our bare root plants are grown in the county of Herefordshire. The country is famous for its apple & pear orchards as well as its production of cider. Our bare root growing fields are full of the nutrients needed for strong and healthy plants.

Seed Transplanted

Our bare root plants are grown from a seed and then planted out with adequate spacing in our growing fields. This can involve undercutting with large horizontal blades to encourage more fibrous root systems thus improving plant quality.

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