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About Us

About Us
    About Us

    Welcome to Hedge Nursery! We’re pleased to offer a fantastic range of hedging, trees, fruit plants and more - plus all the sundries you need to ensure healthy, happy plants.
    We’re very proud of our huge selection of bare root hedging and trees, wh... Read More

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<i>Hydrangea macrophylla</i> 'Mariesii Perfecta' 3 Litre Pot
£7.16 each inc. VAT £5.97 each ex. VAT
<i>Lupinus</i> 'Gallery Red' (Lupin) 3 Litre Pot
£5.09 each inc. VAT £4.24 each ex. VAT
<i>Leucanthemum vulgare</i> (Oxeye Daisy) Cell Grown - 10-20cm
£9.98 each inc. VAT £8.32 each ex. VAT

Advice Centre

Advice Centre
    Hedges for Acidic Soils

    Soils that are deficient in lime are generally acidic which can result in poor hedge growth as it restricts the root access of plants to important water and nutrients. A simple soil pH test will determine the acid levels in your soil. Soil acidity and alkal... Read More