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Bare Root and Root Ball orders will be dispatched from 3rd November

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About Us

About Us
    About Us

    Welcome to Hedge Nursery! We’re pleased to offer a fantastic range of hedging, trees, fruit plants and more - plus all the sundries you need to ensure healthy, happy plants.
    We’re very proud of our huge selection of bare root hedging and trees, wh... Read More

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<i>Ligustrum vulgare</i> (Wild Privet) Root Ball - 200-250cm
£65.16 each inc. VAT £54.30 each ex. VAT
<i>Camellia japonica</i> 'Margaret Wells' 4 Litre Pot
£13.99 each inc. VAT £11.66 each ex. VAT

Advice Centre

Advice Centre
    A Quick Guide to Bare Root Plants

    How we Measure Our Bare Root Plants
    Our plants are usually measured by height - '30/40cm' means a plant is between 30cm and 40cm high measured from soil level to the top of the plant - the roots are not included in the measurement.

    Bare Root pl... Read More